The first time

In our lives, we do many things with various frequences. Some things we do regulary. other things we do occasionally.

And of course, there is a start for every thing we do, a first time.  I think that this first experience is the most important. Because we decide based on it to continue or not doing the thing.

For exemple, imagine someone who has never been on an airplane, he has never took a flight. And to be clear I am not talking about someone who fear from flying, I mean a normal person who simply had not the occasion to travel by plane. Naturally he will have fears, excitements and expectations. So the question is : would it be the same if his first flight gone very well in nice weather or very bad in a very difficult conditions like a rain storm full of thunder ,wind and air turbulence ?

the answer is no, of course.

I am talking about this because this is my first try in blogging and I spent the whole day thinking about it .I sat four hours on my computer without being able to wrote anything . I don’t have problems with speaking in public and I wonder why I find this very difficult. usually I have a lot of ideas but when I tried to start writing my mind gone blank. Then I started thinking, what if no one will read it? Or worse no one will like it? And a lot of other black thoughts. After a while of struggle and selfdestruction, some positive ideas started to come to me and I said:” I can improve in the next time and every time is a chance and after all, this is life” .

The first time is really important¬† and it have a very powerful influence on the next times but it is only one time and you can’t know what is hidden for you in future and the most important thing is that we learn from every time.